Core English Programs

English school in Los Angeles offers premium English courses for beginner students to advanced ESL students as well as TOEFL preparation programs to help current students achieve their desired scores on the TOEFL iBT test.

International F1/I-20 students and any students studying English in Los Angeles, Koreatown and Hollywood will learn English in our effective full-time English courses daily!

Click an English program below to get more information about what you will learn in an Adams College of English class!

ESL Beginner

WHO IS THIS CLASS FOR? If you have no experience with English, no problem. Start to learn the basics of the English language with our introductory English course at our language school in Los Angeles. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?

  • English words that are used every day in conversation and writing.
  • How to start general English conversations while getting better at listening to others speak English.
  • Put easy English words together to make useful English sentences that you will use every day.
  • Your basic skills of reading, vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking and conversation will have been improved.

ESL Intermediate I&II

WHO IS THIS CLASS FOR? Our intermediate English class is one of our most popular course for students that want to learn English in Koreatown, Los Angeles. If you have learned English in school before but still not 100% comfortable reading, writing and speaking in English, this English course might be right for you. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?

  • Grow your knowledge of challenging words that are used daily and appear often in text.
  • Improved grammar, sentence development, vocabulary and reading comprehension ability.
  • Confidence in expressing your ideas completely during conversations.
  • Start conversations about your ideas and learn how to listen to the response.

ESL Advanced I&II

WHO IS THIS CLASS FOR? Our highest level advanced English course developed for students that have a strong understanding of the English language. This English class is for students that wants to build their confidence to communicate comfortably and perfectly with others in a professional setting. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?

  • Extract detailed information from text and enhance your comprehension of the information.
  • Understand advanced expressions and words that are commonly used in professional settings.
  • Speak with confidence and fluently declare your ideas, no matter what the subject of conversation is.
  • Focus on advanced grammar and vocabulary words to understand much more complicated texts.
  • You will have much deeper and advanced conversations while listening and speaking to others become more natural.

ESL Conversation Intermediate & Advanced

WHO IS THIS CLASS FOR? Students who want to focus on improving their conversation skills in English. This course will help students make conversations easily about any topics and speak natural and like a native English speaker. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?

  • Be able to explain your ideas clearly and confidently while making the conversation interesting.
  • Focus on Conversation Management and Accent Reduction (CMAR).
  • Practice words that are hard to pronounce but used very often in everyday conversation.
  • How to listen for keywords to give the correct responses.
  • Confidently lead discussions and fluently manage conversations while asserting your ideas effectively.
  • No matter the topic, be able to discover more depth and relate your personal experience to the conversation.
  • Keep up with conversations in professional settings by learning the most commonly used idioms.
  • Focus on words that are hard to pronounce while reducing your accent.

TOEFL iBT Test Preparation

WHO IS THIS CLASS FOR? This TOEFL test preparation course is created for students who are preparing for admissions into a U.S. college and want to improve their TOEFL test taking abilities. Give yourself the best chance by preparing for the TOEFL exam effectively. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?

  • Become familiar and comfortable with the structure of the TOEFL test.
  • Effective strategies for each section of the TOEFL exam (reading, writing, speaking and listening).
  • How to be efficient and manage your time during the TOEFL test.
  • Take weekly tests so that you get used to the test and timing.

What is ESL,  CMAR, and idioms?

If you want to learn English in Los Angeles and have been looking at language schools in Los Angeles, you may have seen these words describing English courses.

To get a better understanding of what these words mean, click on a word below!


ESL is short for English as a Second Language. ESL is used to describe English courses for international students who are not native English speakers. In ESL classes, students learn the English language by studying grammar, vocabulary and conversation. More importantly, you will practice your English grammar and vocabulary every day by writing essays and having conversations in the class and out in the city!


CMAR means Conversation Management Accent Reduction. In this course, you will learn how to manage your conversations and then work on reducing your accents from your native tongue. You can read and write, but it is important to get your conversation nice and clear. Many students coming from other countries have a difficult time pronouncing some words and this can cause a mix up when talking with other people. For students looking for a future in academics, business and professional settings, it is critical to master the art of pronunciation. There are commonly used words that foreign speakers have a tough time saying and these are crucial to master. For example, try saying the word "ADVANCED". This is a frequently used word that is surprisingly easy to mispronounce.


I never heard of Idioms. Is it important? Idioms are expressions used to describe a situation. What makes idioms so difficult for new English speakers is that the individual words mean something completely different when put together into a sentence. For example, let's take a look at this common idiom "rain cats and dogs" Each individual words are easy to understand. But what do animals have to do with the rain? What about "a bun in the oven" Is someone baking bread? No! This means that someone is pregnant! Using idioms in your everyday conversation will make you sound more natural and in command of the English language. However, be careful. Idioms are informal so there are places to use them and places to not use them.

"Adams College of English is one great school to learn English, to prepare for the TOEFL test, or simply fix your pronunciation. Friendly atmosphere and skilled teachers make this school one of the best English schools in town. In addition, the school location is very convenient. It's located in the middle of Koreatown, walking distance to the Metro and several bus stops."

- Cara O.

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